What to expect from your first visit to a psychologist – The insider info you need before your first

Gulp, you’ve done it, you’ve finally made that booking to see a psychologist (like you’ve been meaning to do for a while now). Your mind starts racing as you mentally walk yourself through your first session and before you know it you’ve worked yourself into a state imagining how horrible it could be. Before biting your nails to stubs, check out my insider info below on what to expect from your first visit. 1. You May Have to Wait longer for your appointment than you expected to because the psychologist may be running over time. Rest assured that if they’re running overtime it’s likely that you’ll feel unrushed in your appointment with them. The last thing you want is to feel that they are c

5 Winter Mood Boosters

It’s a crisp winter morning, you’re wrapped beneath the warmth of your fluffy winter doona, the sky is still blanketed in darkness but you spring out of bed with the enthusiasm of a sugar fuelled child, you get dressed for your morning exercise regime belting out improvised lyrics of winter wonderland. It’s a new day and you are grateful for this beautiful new beginning….except….you’re not. The winter has seemed to have sucked the life right out of you and taken your motivation with it. You roll over, press the snooze button and when you do finally get out of bed you live your day in slow motion forcing every minute of it. But never fear these five tips may help you lift the dark cloud that

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