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Psychology for Children

About my sessions with children

* Please note that children's counselling is currently unavailable as I'm conducting all of my sessions online via Telehealth.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know who your child is as a person, their likes and their dislikes, what they find funny and entertaining, their strengths and their talents. I believe the therapy room should be a safe, inviting and above all else a fun place to be, where children can heal and grow through telling stories, playing games and learning.


Children often don’t have the skills or words to describe exactly how they’re feeling or what they need. My role is to tune in to, and develop an understanding of, what they are experiencing and then create a unique plan aimed at making them feel happier, more empowered and confident.


I enjoy teaming up with you as their mum, dad, grandparent or caregiver so that we can both better understand how your child is feeling and why. I’ll regularly share helpful tips about how you can best support your child at home and give you my email address so that you can ask any questions between sessions and we can troubleshoot issues together.  


With your permission and blessing I can also have regular contact with your child’s school or childcare provider to ensure that your child is feeling well supported in all their environments and isn’t receiving mixed messages about how to cope.

Every child is different, if you’re still unsure if I’m the right fit for your child please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call and we can talk it over. If I’m not the best match I might know someone who is.




Shyness or lack of confidence

Temper Tantrums

School Issues

Family Issues

Social skill development

Resilience Building

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