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About my sessions with adults

I enjoy working with adults of all ages and stages.

Whether you've seen a psychologist before or it is your very first session, my first priority is to create a comfortable place where you can share what you've been going through.

I love that my experience and qualifications allow me to share knowledge with others. I aim to make complex evidence based psychological concepts and theories easy to understand and easy to use by explaining them in plain english, using real life examples.

I am a collaborator by nature, so in my sessions I look for opportunities where we can work together to solve an issue. I'd much prefer to present you with options, ideas and strategies for us to discuss rather than tell you what you 'should' do.

While I can provide strategies that may assist you in surviving what you're going through my real passion is to look into ways you may thrive. I enjoy exploring what holds the most meaning for you and developing steps to include more of it into your everyday life.

Because I work with such a diverse range of people, each unique in their own ways, my list of specialties is only a snapshot of issues I am qualified to address. If you're still unsure of whether I'm the right match for you, please give me a call or send me an email. If I can't help I might know someone who can.


Instills Confidence

Hailey is a true professional. She is an attentive listener, gives excellent feedback and is extremely empathetic. While she instills confidence in the client, she also challenges when relevant and can utilise humour when this is appropriate. Hailey is extremely good at summing up at the end of sessions and always helps the client in a positive way. I have no hesitation in recommending her as an extremely sensitive and effective therapist.

Emma* aged 70+