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About Hailey

My Story


Hi I’m Hailey and I’ve been working in the field of psychology for over 10 years. I became a psychologist because I was fascinated by why people feel, think and act as they do and inspired by the potential for people to heal, learn and grow from their experiences.


I feel privileged to be included in people’s journeys and I apply a ‘no client is a textbook’ rule. When I meet you for the first time I am genuinely interested to hear your story and learn about YOU. I enjoy discovering your strengths and making best use of them to bring about change.


I believe sessions should be easy to understand, relatable and dare I say it, even a little funny sometimes. I am more concerned with having a genuine conversation than dazzling you with my psychobabble skills.


It is my preference to uncover and treat the root cause of what you’re feeling rather than just manage your symptoms because my ultimate goal is for you to reach a point where you feel you can thrive on your own.   






Family and Relationship Issues

Work/School Issues

Low Self Esteem

Sexuality and Sexual Identity

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