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Psychology for Teenagers




Panic Attacks


School Issues

School Refusal

Family Issues

Sexuality/Sexual Identity Issues

Self Harming/Suicidal Thoughts

About my sessions with teenagers

Being a teenager can be brutal! It can be difficult to open up to friends for fear they may tell somebody,

your parents because they would never understand or you might get in trouble or teachers because they seem so out of touch. It might just feel like no one really gets it. 

In my sessions with teenagers I like to create a safe place where we can talk about how you really are without the need to put on a happy face or pretend that everything is o.k. I want you to feel heard without the worry of judgement.

When you're feeling stuck let's look at the issue together and try and find a solution that works for you. I can suggest different tools aimed at reducing your anxiety, managing your panic attacks and lifting your mood. We can also sort through problems that you're having in your relationships.

If you're feeling anxious or depressed and it's affecting your school work, your ability to concentrate, attend class, complete assignments and/or exams we (you, your parents, the school and I) can team up so that you're better supported.

The last thing I want is for our sessions to feel like class so I aim to make our sessions feel casual but interesting. There's nothing worse than a catch up that feels awks or feeling like you're being told off.

If you need a little help deciding if you'd like to book in with me please check out my videos (the panic attack hacks one is a fave of mine) or send me an email or text.

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