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Meet Hailey

Hi I'm Hailey. I strongly believe that life is for living, not just surviving. I know how easy it is sometimes to feel completely consumed by what's going on within and around you, that you find yourself stuck in a rut, unsure of how to get out or how to find your way back to yourself.


I'm passionate about working with people of all ages to understand themselves better and to find new ways to cope. I thrive on uncovering what is most important to you and together making a plan to feel less burdened, anxious and overwhelmed. Our goal is to work towards feeling relieved, empowered, and fulfilled...

Mental Health Hacks 

Need a little help or guidance between sessions? Take a look at my easy to understand videos and blog posts aimed at giving you tips you can use any time.

Psychology from the comfort of your home


Forget sitting in traffic, trying to find a parking spot or sitting awkwardly in a waiting room. All of my sessions are 100% online via video conferencing.

Study or work full time? Never fear I offer a range of after school and work hours times.

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